Friday, August 5, 2011

Visual Story Telling Map by Jake Parker

The Known World of Visual Storytelling

The landscape of visual storytelling has always been a vast and evolving frontier.   History tells us how stories were told visually through cave paintings, then carvings, followed by etchings on primitive tablets, and eventually masterpieces painted on canvas.  Great strides were made with the advent of print technology and it opened the door to the mass consumption of stories being told through pictures.  From print it evolved to moving pictures, then television, and now video games.  (I know video games are just structured play time, but most tell stories and as such are an outlet for the visual storyteller.)
The visual storyteller; part artist, part writer.  Some favor the visual, others favor the word, but all of them convey their story using visual means.  For the last 100 years the there has been more opportunities open to the visual storyteller then at any time previous in the history of mankind.  Consider the talents who could not illustrate, but mastered photography.  Or those who’s written word was lacking, but brilliantly captured their stories on the screen.  The geniuses who could combine their own drawings with with their own words in picture books, comic strips, and graphic novels.   And the illustrators who spoke volumes with deft strokes of paint.  Had they been born in any previous century the world would’ve been denied their visions.

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